Analysis and business analysis
Analysis and business analysis

Being good is not enough when you can be the best. It is the mission of business consultants to put the business on the path of organizational vision. Also, consulting based on real data and creating analytical thinking along with the whole-to-part and part-to-whole approach is one of the duties of this department.

The International Association of Management Consultants (ICMCI) has defined business consulting as: a service provided by an independent and qualified individual or individuals to businesses, the public sector, and other sectors. The subject of these services is to identify and investigate problems related to policy, strategy, organization, effectiveness, procedures and methods, which leads to the provision of appropriate guidelines and assistance in the implementation of these guidelines.

Therefore, the mission of business consultants is to put the business on the path of the organizational vision and help in reaching the destination.

Also, consulting based on real data, creating analytical thinking and making a program based on the whole-to-part and part-to-whole attitude are among the tasks that the consulting department of the BsiCenter business clinic will offer you. The presence of university professors, specialists and committed people, along with operational and executive experience in the core of growth, helps us all in the important matter of smart business management.

We all know that success is never achieved without consulting with experts and knowledgeable people! And we know that your best business advisor is your respected person.

In this department, the company has signed cooperation agreements with consulting companies in various economic fields, marketing and sales, strategic management, human resources, etc., so that, if necessary, it can introduce internal consultants to the project in different fields.

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In the BsiCenter business intelligence clinic

Abutaleb Habibi Machiani, Senior Business Development Consultant
Abutaleb Habibi Machiani, Senior Business Development Consultant

One of the most vital activities for newly created businesses is to present to customers in the Internet world and comply with the principles of professionalism.

The specialized group at the BsiCenter business intelligence clinic can professionally provide your company’s website by providing advice in the field of registration, brand and logo and all administrative and marketing documents in accordance with the principles of digital marketing. Connecting the corporate site and the concepts of customer loyalty in the customer club, act professionally from the beginning of creating a business.

Being professional in business, from creating a name and logo to analyzing the needs of customers and analyzing the market and analyzing the behavior of consumers in their lifetime, can play a vital role in the profitability of the company.

BsiCenter Business Intelligence Clinic is with you by providing advice and expertise in each of the following ways.

  • Company registration, brand name and logo in Iran and Spain
  • Marketing and administrative documents (catalog, business card, set of administrative and marketing documents)
  • Providing website package, business content
  • Digital marketing
  • customer club
  • Customer club loyalty
  • Business intelligence (business intelligence)
  • Providing management dashboards in various organizational areas
  • Marketing landscape
  • sales view
  • Human resources landscape
  • View of processes
  • The perspective of social responsibility
  • Financial landscape
  • Market view 
  • Supply chain landscape and suppliers
  • View of competitors
  • business management
  • Holding sales training courses
  • Sales management intelligence courses
  • Courses to make stores smarter
  • Marketing and sales techniques of the fashion and clothing industry
  • Sales analysis
  • Setting up capillary sales and distribution company
  • Capillary sales training
  • Analysis of store visitors
  • Analysis of store customers
  • Holding business intelligence seminars
  • Sales management intelligence seminars
Business clinic
Business intelligence and business intelligence clinic

Business and business intelligence clinic, by combining business management, software engineering, business intelligence and human behavior patterns, has been able to provide business owners with unique advice in providing business intelligence solutions.

The presence of software experts, business management, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and marketing and sales together in  the BsiCenter business and business intelligence clinic has  brought  stability of profit and business prosperity for everyone.

BsiCenter  ‘s business and business intelligence clinic uses a comprehensive and knowledge-based approach that includes education, counseling, coaching, diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment and continuous improvement in order to achieve valuable results, sustainable growth and continuous profitability desired by customers. It is hard work and motivation to reach your business go