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Business Intelligence Clinic BsiCenter, specialized troubleshooting clinic,Business analysis ، business Intelligence training and discovery of latent knowledge of real business data and providing management dashboards that are based on business intelligence such as leading businesses in the world of business and economy, empower you in troubleshooting sales, cost management, profitability growth and sustainability of business prosperity.

Developing a strategic plan and related strategies …
A complete graphical view of the bulk of business information…
Retail Solution Intelligence RSi
Data mining, trouble shooting and Business analysis
Smart consulting to increase profitability and maintain financial stability


BSi: Business Solution Intelligence

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C3i: Customer Club Center Intelligence

Customer Club Center Intelligence

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RSi: Retail Solution Intelligence
Retail Solution Intelligence

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Training & counseling

Consulting and training for management intelligence

Sales and Store management

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    Sales & Retail Intelligence workshop

    How to have royal costumers?

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    Special services with business solutions intelligence

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    • Implement a business solution Intelligence
    • Implement Management, Information and Operational Dashboard
    • Data mining, trouble shooting and Business analysis
    • Career path and giving path of intelligence staff developement
    • Design and implementation of customer club intelligence
    • Sales and store management education for indivitual and organizational intelligence
    • Prepration of study plans, training and business intelligence consulting
    • production and development of intelligent software
    • Capillary sales training
    • Setting up capillary distribution and distribution

    Special products based on business intelligence

    Business Solutions Intelligence

    Workshops for managing stores and sales Intelligence

    Business Clinic BsiCenter Business Solution Intelligence Center)، provides highly specialized, responsible and committed training to smarten businesses in various industrial, manufacturing, commercial, store and commercial units.

    Customer success and continuity of communication

    Business Solution Intelligence
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